february 1 2020 (we were grass)

we were grass

we were more than grass

we were rivers

we were stones by the water


we were tall trees at night

we were under the land,

we were above the stars

like our son’s turning journey in the Milky Way,


we have become who we were,

to become who we are,


i believe in love at first (re)sight,

this life, and anyway, at first sight of you,

my heart leaped as with an old friend,

your lips had been waiting for mine,

not because i was a new love,

but because i was a very, very old love.

we were grass

we were our ancestors

we were faces in the ground

we were, we were once here

we did not come to new places,

only revisited old homelands of love, blood, long nights

that one blue night,

you slept and i,

i saw these worlds bend into one shape

surrounding every tree, every piece of sky

i felt the circles gather again around us you sleeping,

i awake and dreaming,

these ceremonies became all we knew

and all we needed to know of ourselves

we were grass,

when you brushed my skin with grass

i felt time ripple back and knew your skin brushed mine,

long ago before white skin, ships

or english names existed

we were grass, remember?

when we were grass, remember?

all this echoes in my touch

how can we not call each other home?

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